60Seconds App

Video-Based Solutions For Club And Nightlife Industry!

60seconds app enables you to search, find, rate, improve and recommend events, parties, gigs, clubs and club deals through videos!

Event organizers, club owners and club promoters can advertise and sell their products and services (drinks, tickets, table reservations, etc) on the app through videos! Real connections and feedbacks can be exchanged between events organizers and event guests.


What makes the App so unique?

The videos are less than 60seconds long and not older than 8 weeks.
These videos can be uploaded by anyone (event guests, event organizers and you!)

Party videos

videos uploaded on the platform helps you decide where to party at.
Party recommendation through videos! See whats popping before you leave your house!

Community of party-lovers

you will be able to connect with other party guests who share same vibes with you through videos!
Event organizers can connect with their clients through videos!

Search and Find

suitable parties, events, concerts, clubs and club deals can be searched and found with the help of the advanced search options on the app. Location, music genre, hashtag, event-name based searches are enabled on the app!

Feedback and Ratings

Feedbacks and rating of events, and parties are enabled on the app through the videos!

Cashless partying

Reserve and pay for party products and services (drinks, tables, gate fees, etc) through videos! App to App payment, no hardware needed. Event organizers can advertise, sell and receive payment for their product and services after uploading their event videos! Decide where to party at based on offers!

Seeing is believing


catch the moment

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